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L'Isola di Rosa is close to Rome, Civitavecchia and "Leonardo Da Vinci" Fiumicino Airport

By Car:

- Via AURELIA, in the direction of CIVITAVECCHIA
all the way until Km 47,200 where you take a right turn in the direction of "Bracciano". After 3 km make another right turn in the direction of "Cerveteri-via del Sasso". After other 3 km take the road "Via del Grano" (next to "Cudi Cancelli") and follow the signs for "L'isola di Rosa". After 2 km you will be at the Center.

-ROMA/ CIVITAVECCHIA highway: take exit "Cerveteri/Ladispoli" and turn right in the direction of "Via Aurelia - Civitavecchia" - bound until km 47,200 . The following route is like above.

-Coordinates for anyone with a GPS: Since "Via del Grano, 20 - 00052 Cerveteri" is not always indicated on the maps of GPS common, we indicate the following satellite coordinates to set your GPS: N 42.02845°-E 12.07223°


TRANSFER: FROM AND TO "LEONARDO DA VINCI" FIUMICINO (ROME) AIRPORT BY "PRONTO TAXI" PHONE N. +39 06 811.71.960 ; +39 348 063.01.46 .33 km distance - (about 35 min.)
LEONARDO DA VINCI" - FIUMICINO (ROMA) - airport 30 km distance - (about 35 min.)
PORTO DI CIVITAVECCHIA - seaport 35 km distance - (about 35 min.)
RIVA DI TRAIANO" - harbour 8 km distance - (about 15 min). LADISPOLI-CERVETERI" - railway station10 km distance - (about 20 min.) "FURBARA" - railway station

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