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L'isola di Rosa is very close to the sea and to many other archaeological, cultural and naturalistic sites.

Notice the following links:

13 km distance - (about 15 min.) SPIAGGIA DI SANTA SEVERA - bathing beach

24 km distance - (about 30 min.) SPIAGGIA DI SANTA MARINELLA - bathing beach

3 km distance - (about 10 min.) NECROPOLI DELLA BANDITACCIA, CERVETERI -Etruscan Necropolis. Click HERE for link

15 km distance - (about 20 min.) IL CASTELLO E IL BORGO, SANTA SEVERA -castle and old village. Click HERE for link
12 km distance - (about 15 min.) COMPLESSO MEDIEVALE IL SASSO, CERVETERI castele and old village. Click HERE per il link
25 km distance - (about 30 min.) CASTELLO ODESCALCHI, SANTA MARINELLA - castle. Click HERE for link
30 km distance - (about 40 min.) LAGO DI BRACCIANO - lake
20 km distance - (about 30 min.) CASTEL GIULIANO, BRACCIANO - castle

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